Our corrupted authorities continue to hammer at Hamish Howitt and Hamish keeps hammering back.
Mister Howitt just recently received a reversal of an order of closure on one of his pubs. Now that his right to keep the pub open has been reëstablished, authorities are going after him along similar lines, but personally. They are attempting to deny him his authority to operate the pub as its "Designated Premises Supervisor."

Once again, as with the previous attack on the pub license, petty infractions are alleged. His politics are also cited against him: "In addition, police took issue with the political banners adorning Delboy’s Sports Bar."

Hamish says: “My stance against the smoking ban is political. I don’t see it as any different from a speeding fine. I am going to appeal right away.”

When the "law of the land" is fascism based on eugenics it deserves every disrespect, every defiance, and every bit of fight good men can muster. Hamish Howitt is a very good man.



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