Loki Schmidt, wife of the former German Chancellor (1974-1982) Helmut Schmidt, the most popular politician in recent German history, turned 90 on the 2nd of March. Defiant, self-assured, intelligent and famous, Helmut and Loki have been role models for smokers all over the world.

Loki Schmidt

Helmut Schmidt

Please note that we have not used the word “unrepentant”. That is because such word implies that there is a sin to “repent” about in the first place – in this case, smoking.

Smoking is not a sin. Smoking is beautiful – and yes, today more than ever, it is a sign of distinction. Intelligent people smoke. People who have a strong character smoke – those who do not, just quit, comply and repent (and some become stinking antismoking bastards because they hate those who still enjoy without fear).

Those who have a strong body smoke – those who do not try it and “don’t like it”. Who are we fooling? The only reason why the body doesn’t “like” something right off the bat is because it cannot withstand it.

We hate to say (no, actually we lie: we LOVE to say it!…) that the tobacco industry of the past (that is, when it had a pair) was right when it said, at first, that "strong men smoke" and, later, that "strong women who have gone a long way" smoke too.

There is no question about it: Tobacco Control lies again when it says that smokers are weak and non smokers are strong. The opposite is true — and "public health" and militant, brain washed non smokers want to impose a non smoking world so that we all become weak links like them, and thus they don’t feel abnormal.

“Smoking kills”. Yes, sure. Schmidt is well known for his more than 70 years of heavy smoking (up to four packs of menthol cigarettes a day), which he smokes right in the face of Tobacco Control and its believers. "I smoke everywhere, except in a church" is one of his quotes. When the cool and rational Schmidt was asked whether you need passion for your work, he replied: "You need willpower. And cigarettes."

Well said, Helmut. In this video (German), his friend Henry Kissinger (former US Secretary of State in the 70s) says in his address: "It wasn’t clear to me that chain-smoking and intense consumption of Coca Cola are the keys to longevity". Well said, Henry!… The Schmidt are the empirical demonstration that what Tobacco Control says is a fraud: and no trash "attributions of causality" needed here!

More information on this exceptional examples of moral, intellectual and physical fortitude in the English version of the FORCES Germany blog, link below.



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