Except for very important news, the publication of FORCES International is suspended with this last update of Friday 19th. We will be back on line effective Monday January 5th, 2009. Here are a few thoughts for your holidays… Smoke, drink and eat in abundance. Turn off the lifestyle propaganda — both on your TV set and in your mind. Here are a few images to cheer you up and make you think.



When stupidity, institutional fraud and corruption, political correctness and intellectual retardation were not yet the social standard, liberty and common sense were in charge. Below are a few Christmas images from the times of freedom. Just imagine: today, no media in the world would dare showing these harmless images. Is that evolution and cultural growth? No. Rather, it is regression in liberty and progress in mental deficiency – one little step at the time.

Santa Son-of-a-Bitch tempts the child with a "big" cause of the obesity epidemic…
he has no shame!…
… and these are the results: "ruined" children dream of junk food… Candies instead of vegetables! Imagine the PREMATURE DEATHS 80 years from now!…

Guns for Christmas?…
Does Santa bring you cigarettes? AAHH! He is a salesman of Philip Morris! He wants to KILL you!… Don’t show this to the CHILDREN!

Happy holidays!….



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