Some smokers may not yet understand their equation with dog excrement. Apparently a Canadian airport wants to allow smokers, and dogs in general, the dignity of an all-in-one “Dog Relief/Smoking Area.”

Mike Pritchard of Calgary complains to his local paper that, “Visitors from other countries where government still allows people to smoke might not understand our ways and feel degraded.”

Don’t misunderstand! Mike assures us that smokers certainly should be degraded, mercilessly humiliated, robbed, and by no means ever afforded anything like shelter. He just wonders if governments the world over have sufficiently impressed these facts on everybody.

The multi-national staff at FORCES can reassure Mister Pritchard. We understand his ways. We have our own ways too. We’d like for him to understand us as well.

We’re sick of his filth. If that isn’t clear we suggest he rub his nose in it awhile. Likely he still won’t get the point. We’ll make him understand though. When we’ve piled up Anti ideology into one colossal dunghill we’ll be happy to drop Mike Pritchard smack down into the middle of it. That’s where he belongs in the first place – to the point that, when dropped in, he’s likely to be indistinguishable from the rest.

That will give him plenty of food for thought, enough to feed a blissfully brown eternity, in pursuit of true understanding.

Requiescat in merda, along with the values and ideology he represents.



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