"Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs," saith Shakespeare’s pithy Romeo. Tobacco Control, on the other hand, just keeps spewing.

We’re saving a copy of this antitobacco TV spot here at FORCES. We link below to an English translation of a Danish article which brought this to our attention. The spot is supposed to run on European TV stations in various languages.

Let’s say that vilification is not a fine art. The ad shows a lovely young lady descending a staircase. Would-be swains fairly swoon in her wake. Suddenly, we get the drift, as do the loverboys, that she’s a smoker. The young men’s entrancement then turns to sickened revulsion, and very elegantly, they all spew vomit into the camera’s lens, in effect into the television viewer’s face.

Impressed? Tobacco Control, a pimpled child of eugenics and all the hate campaigns that preceded it, surely trusts that you will be. It’s been spewing sundry forms of foulness into the public’s face for a long time now. TC applauds its own every move and relies on every idiot amongst the citizenry to clap along.

The ad certainly does not surprise. Of course, viewers of the commercial are likely to admire the sexy smoker girl, and loathe the barfing antismoking idiots, recognizing these as equating to loathsome TC itself. That might have occurred to the producers, but hatemongers are pinheads, so it didn’t.

For our part, we can say we prefer the picture shown here at left, to the one on the right, and we hear more and more all the time that folks all over are getting damned sick of everything TC vomits at them. What’s your own taste?



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