It does not take a specialist in mental disease to understand what Rita Panahi is all about. She is the author of the revolting article from “Down Under” we link with here.

You will need a strong stomach to read it through – not so much for the trash science she is talking about, the usual BS about smoking mothers that is, but for the use made of that trash science: the propagation of hatred.

Rita Panahi is by no sane definition a social commentator, as incorrectly stated in the ending credits of the piece. Rather this author displays the characteristics of a Fascist eugenicist. She ranks among the technocratic narcissists who believe some have lives “not worth living” and who should be sterilized to produce a super race through selective breeding. The problem? By any and all standards of morality, Pahani herself is sub-normal. Typical anti-smoking crooks like those who patched together the Bristol trash “study” on SIDS get rich by fabricating false numbers with junk science. Their junk science instigates venomous creatures like Panahi – true believers – to hate and to vilify the victims of their hatred.

That’s OK, Rita, for we hate you too: we hate the frauds you stand for, we hate what you represent, we hate your ideology and the world that it wants to build; we hate your lack of humanity, which makes you less than human, and that impels us to light up cigarettes, to smoke in your face, and to cover up the stench that surrounds you.

There is no abuse in smoking around children because the passive smoking “dangers” are a fraud and an excuse for hatred. People like Rita Panahi not only should not have children: they should never be born.

We have one thing to thank her for. She is giving to us and to millions of other decent people from around the word even more reasons and motivation to work hard to destroy with any means necessary what she stands for, we pray once and for all in history, this time.

Let us take heart that eugenicists and Fascists came and went in a relatively short period of about 30 years the last time around. Since anti-tobacco began in the 1970s with the first fanatics who promoted the 1981-1984 Smoking, Tobacco and Cancer project (STCP) in the US, we may be close to being done with them – not because we are so powerful, but because they are so horribly rotten. Such wild and zealous statements as appear in this article must assure the demise of the ghastly monster that anti-smoking has become.



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