Dave Crowley and Jolyn Tenn update us regarding the frustrations of battling institutionalized corruption, on lessons learned, and of their plans for more forceful activism in the year and years ahead. Dave and Jolyn head the Hawaii Smokers’ Alliance. They have been working since 2006 together with the Hawaiian Bar Owners’ Association to reverse antitobacco oppression. They write here to tell of their experiences with arrogant government.

As with most who enter this fight, they quickly found the brick wall of ideological tyranny, that antitobacco has built around and between them and their supposed government representatives.

With enlightenment regarding the nature of their task, they are planning for the future, in terms of strategy and force. A few chips in the Hawaiian wall have begun to show (an example was recently noted on this page) and the fight goes on.

Click the link below for the release from the Hawaii Smokers’ Alliance.



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