Friends in Hawaii send us voting indications on Hawaiian state legislators.
Our Hawaiian friends have learned that reason and compromise are alien concepts to legislators who subscribe to Health Cult dogma. They are learning that bans must be abolished. Abolishment of bans and all tyranny is indeed what they must seek and they are now sending an important message to voters and to legislators. It’s past time to vote the bums out. In the document to which we link at bottom this page, photos of reasonable legislators are accompanied by a "thumb up" icon, the unreasonable receive a thumb down, the ultra-tyrannical get two downward thumbs, those needing further investigation get a tilted bar icon, the totally mysterious get a question mark icon. The governor and lieutenant governor were also assessed for thumbs down designation. Every politician everywhere should receive such scrutiny. There is no "compromise" with fanaticism. Support those who support sane policy and precious liberty. Vote the other bums out.



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