Hawaii, dependent on tourist trade, has been particularly hard-hit by antismoker laws. Our Hawaiian friends remind us they are resisting oppression every which way they can. Their site thesmokevote.com gives an overview. A near-upset on the electoral front, explained at link below, has strengthened their resolve.

The antismoker fanatics, well-funded and well-connected as they may be, are not invulnerable. Popular disgust with their destructive hate campaigns is growing. Their overthrow can and shall be achieved.

In Hawaii, and across the US and the world, the inevitable war against Healthist ideology is on. It must be fought on many fronts, it will require brave resistance, personal sacrifice, dedication, and sustained effort.

The antismoker campaign is a disgrace. It is vicious. The war against it will be vicious. In the end the hatemongers must suffer thorough condemnation and just punishment.

Freedom lovers understand this and they are in for the duration of a no-holds-barred war for justice.



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