The schizophrenic social engineers of “public health” intend to “alter the behaviour” of the population.

If this sounds like Communism you are perfectly correct. The usual junk science-based false official figures to justify the social engineering (including the blatant contradictions) are commented by Phil Williams.

We recommend that our readers watch this video because it really gives a measure of the offensive arrogance used by a bunch of cons who lie for a living against the personal choice of people – an arrogance stemming from the absurd concept that “experts know better”, and that the “collective intelligence” of idiots makes a greater intelligence than that of the individual.

The war against health Nazism incarnated by the ministries of “health” and by many medical associations is really a clash between different concepts of state and community rather than between the so-called “standard person” (a statistical fabrication that does not exist in reality) and the current victim of “public health”. That means that it is a political clash outside conventional political parties on the concept of roles and state authority, which has NOTHING to do with real health. That is probably the real reason for all the reciprocal hate – reciprocal being the key word, here.

Smoking, defending smoking and denouncing institutional fraud is a way to express that the individual is more important that the state which is, after all, a group of individuals. Fighting smoking, alcohol and other unilaterally defined “unhealthy” choices links to the concept of “unhealthy morality” represented by those choices by those who believe (beside not liking the scent of smoking, which is at the core of the matter) that the will of the collective in which they happen to identify themselves in the particular issue of smoking is more important than the will of the individual.

The debate is over? Sure thing – it was over fifty years ago already, during the times of the Iron Curtain. Now it is just a matter of setting “public health” on the same road of the Communist mentality it comes from.



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