India’s “public health” establishment long ago sold out to pharmaceutical multinationals. That, unfortunately, makes India typical, as the plague of “public health” is a world-wide problem.
As in a poorly written theatrical play, it seems the ministries of “public health” of various countries are playing various parts, without any individual character. They all speak incessant variations of the prohibitionist line. There are those that call for “fat control,” others calling for “tobacco control,” and others yet that call for “alcohol control.” India received orders to call for the latter in the world-wide public farce of “public health”.

Starting on May 19 and for the entire duration of this week, the World Health Assembly in Geneva is in special session on strategies to impose alcohol “control” through the practiced methods of fraudulent epidemiology, alarmist rhetoric, and prohibition. The machinations are just the same as we’ve seen for smoking and for food.

As the article we link with below describes, transparent statistical trash is used to promote alcohol prohibition world-wide, and the Indian “public health” marionettes have been activated to be the main ice breakers of this particular enterprise. Here come the big numbers to scare us all — don’t fall for it: “About 2 billion people worldwide consume alcohol, which causes 1.8 million deaths a year, which represents 3.2 per cent of all deaths worldwide. According to WHO, accidents related to alcohol consumption account for roughly a third of alcohol deaths.”

The ad hoc junk science study cannot be missing to give a “scientific” flavour to the political con job implemented with the usual “public health” procedure: “A study by Bangalore-based NIMHANS has shown the average age of initiation has reduced from 28 years during the 1980s to 20 years. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3, 2007), 32 per cent adults are current alcohol users and between 4 and 13 per cent have alcohol daily. The proportion of alcohol consumption among rural and urban India is very similar.”

Dr. Ramadoss, the Indian “public health” buffoon currently in charge, recites his piece: “Along with junk food and smoking, alcohol is a leading cause of avoidable death and accidents. I know some people resent my speaking on these issues, but if I as health minister can’t talk about them, who can?" The article notes that Ramadoss’s rhetoric is "raising fears that similar restrictions would next be imposed on chips and colas.”

Just so: only health ministers are allowed to promote fascism and fraud and get away with that, nowadays, and Ramadoss quite apparently would like to restrict smoking, chips, cola, and most certainly a lot of other things, into extinction. Anybody who can see this had better start talking, and doing a lot more than talking about it, right now.

If rising fears do not progress to rising rebellion, of course, there will be more restrictions than you could count. The very purpose of contemporary “public health” all over the world is to impose a militaristic, absolute control on every lifestyle choice, while paving the way for its pharmaceutical owners to "treat" and "replace" with their sickening drugs.

What Ramadoss does not say, however, is that the devotion for “public health” in India began — what a coincidence! — in 2001, when Big Pharma started investing heavily India, and thus placed the appropriate marionettes in government and other power positions.

As soon as the pharmaceutical Indian stooges took power, in fact, India immediately banned smoking. The chief marionette of the time was Murli Deora: click here for his profile and here for his affiliations. Now, who was on the committee that recommended the smoking ban? You guessed right: "The members of the committee include the Drug Controller General (India), Murli Deora, commissioners of FDA in Gujarat, Kerala and Maharashtra, drug controller of Bihar, representatives from Glaxo India, Novartis India, Emcure Ltd, Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association, Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India and All India Organization of Chemists & Druggists."

Once again, where there is Healthist population control there is Big Pharma — always out to gain, everywhere, from fraud and prohibition.

In the meantime The World No Alcohol Day — yet another day to celebrate Nazi-inspired ideology — may be set soon, as the article points out, to “introduce global restrictions on alcohol sales, advertising and consumption, similar to those against tobacco. If that happens, international flights may have to stop serving alcohol and pubs would turn into salad bars.”

That is exactly what the “public health” gangsters want: an alcohol-free, smoke-free, fat-free, car-free, industries-free, cellular-free, sugar-free, salt-free, information-controlled, life-free society, centrally piloted by an oligarchy of pharmaceutical corporations for which the "public health" gangsters are the enforcers.

Is this what you want? If not, help us destroy it.



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