Yes, it is true: our headline is nothing new. Yet, there are still a lot of people out there who believe that the ‘public health’ institutions tell us to quit smoking because they are concerned with our health. Naïveté is hard to overcome, but reality is there nevertheless: they tell us to quit smoking because they are paid off by the pharmaceutical multinationals.
We are not talking just about private institutions, but public entities as well. In this specific case, the British NHS gets cash back from the manufacturers of smoking cessation trash, and they have done so for six years already.

Leading pharmaceutical companies in the smoking cessation market have struck a groundbreaking deal with the Government to offer ‘cash-back’ to the NHS to encourage uptake of the products.

Novartis Consumer Healthcare, Pharmacia, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health and GlaxoSmithKline are all participating in the new rebate scheme for local health economies, which has been launched as a part of a new Government anti-smoking campaign.

The scheme will give PCTs rebates on smoking cessation products sold above an as yet unannounced threshold, intended to allow local health services to invest more in the products.

Let us put it all together:

Not only have these crooks lied to us about the “mortality” of smoking in spite of the glaring fact hat they cannot scientifically prove one single death "caused by" smoking;
Not only do they misrepresent fraudulent epidemiological trash as science to con the public;
Not only do they instigate hatred against the target groups (smokers, drinkers, fat people…) to make them “socially unacceptable” (and ignore the fact that those groups are society);
Not only do they have the face to call their payola schemes "groundbreaking deals";
The “public health” grifters expect you to applaud it all!

Who is punishing “public health” for being so blatantly corrupt? No one, because “public health” has political power, so it can get away with frauds, depict itself as a crusader against "evil" and get paid for doing so!

The only logical course of action for that (unfortunately) minority of the people which still has a moral sense is forcibly to take the power away from those bastards and then make sure that they are punished. Will it happen? We do not know – but this we do know: you sure can’t believe what they say when they pocket money from the pharmaceutical industry!



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