Human nature never ceases to amaze us. See, for example, how easily it adapts to clichés and imposed behaviour. During the Nazi times, every German marionette was supposed to say “Heil, Hitler!” before starting any talk, or when entering a room.

Hailing the Fuhrer was not only mandatory, but it was a necessary preface to ensure attention and audience. Today we can see similar behaviour by the marionettes who live in public health’s IV Reich, that has managed to successfully invade the world, but that ultimately will end up like the Nazis in Paris – or better yet, Russia.

This article from India follows the same pattern. The writer, Kushalrani Gulab of the Hindustan Times, slashes Tobacco Control as Nazis, killers of freedom and so on. But what does it have to do to get published, or grab the attention of the reader? Pronounce the 21st century “Heil, Hitler”:

“As a two-pack a day person who likes nothing better than a smoke (or 12) when I have a drink (or six), it may surprise you to learn that I heartily approve of the Hon’ble Minister of Health Anbumani Ramadoss’s initiative to ban smoking in all public spaces, including the pub where I hang out.”

There you go. Now that the allegiance to the criminal actions of public health has been declared, Kushalrani Gulab may proceed to slash the bastards – and probably keep his job. But, wait: this may not be the case of Kushalrani Gulab, as his sarcasm is quite obvious. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that many of those who disagree with health Nazism still use the “smoking-is-bad-but…” preface to ingratiate the reader.

Concessions to the ideology of the enemy is always a mistake, and nullifies everything that is said after that. Tobacco Control is fraud and it is evil. Tobacco Control is Nazism. It is not to be hailed, but must be destroyed. And no, one cannot be respectful of it.



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