The European Union Commissioner for Health Markos Kyprianou submitted his resignation on Thursday in order to head the Foreign Ministry for Cyprus.
Fatso Kyprianou goes home. We cannot say that we are sorry.Europe thus loses the stench of one large Healthist pig. Because of his radical views as a health Nazi, Kyprianou was the object of hundreds of thousand of letters and e-mails asking for his resignation. Kyprianou is now welcome to do more damage at home – at least it will be limited to the tiny island of Cyprus.

Of course this is no cause for real celebration, as the next Big Pharma marionette will be mandated to continue where he left off, and pave the way for more smoking cessation, diet pills, antidepressants, statistical fraud, alarmism, waste of public money, and dissemination of hatred and social division. All that seems to be the mandate of “public health”, nowadays, as it has become the enemy of freedom and self-determination.



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