Photoshop gives us an instant picture of how a 10 year old girl would turn into an obese woman if she failed to eat properly.

upon a time there was the National Enquirer to tell us what the future
looked like; now there is public health. But the NE was far more
honest – and entertaining

The folks we love to hate are at it again Out of the United Kingdom, we have "before" and "after" pictures of Poppy Taylor, a ten year old girl. The photo has been "digitally aged" as part of a government healthy lifestyle drive, which was launched on Jan. 19th, 2009.

Some "experts" say the growing threat of obesity is threatening to overtake smoking as the number one health issue. (Read here "funds towards anti-smoking are drying up and we need to promote anti-obesity").

One should be insulted that government sponsored, photoshopped images of kids as they COULD look in 2050 are used. That is unjustified, unjust and un-necessary. Absolutely NO ONE knows how people will look in years to come.

Many factors come into play, during aging as any sensible person knows, genetics being at the forefront, followed closely by economic situations and stable home atmosphere, none of which are mentioned in this article. But, again, the schizophrenics who play in the arcade of virtual reality will tell you that any fantasy and imagination can be spent as "science" when proclaimed to be for health reasons.

This new lifestyle drive takes "government sponsored programs" out of the realm of fear mongering, and places them into the Twilight Zone.



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