What is the definition of paradox? The On Line dictionary reports four possible descriptions, but it seems to us that one is missing. The missing definition is, perhaps, the must current of them all: “An observation that goes against what has been portrayed by ‘public health’ as a scientific reality that, however, was never scientifically proven”.

Amongst the modern “paradoxes” are smokers who actually use far less hospitals and medicines than non smokers do — contrary to the belief portrayed as science that smoking is bad for you. Also, the number of heavy-duty smokers who manage to live to well over 100 years of age being far more numerous than that of non smokers. Let’s not forget masses of people who, in general, do not have a “correct” lifestyle who end up being far healthier then those who believe and live according to the BS postulated by “public health”. Of course the scientific/statistical evidence of all that is swept under the rug, forgotten and removed from libraries because we must believe the credo of pharma-public health. The latest is this study, showing that “Among men with symptoms of heart disease, those who are obese tend to live longer than their normal-weight counterparts”. How long before this study disappears as well because it is contrary to the Lysenkoist of the ministries of health? Not long, you can count on it. But we will keep a copy, and it will be listed in the New Evidence Portal as soon as it goes on line.

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