A man who had smoked his entire life showed up at the pearly gates. St. Peter found the smoking man’s name in his book. Next to the man’s name was written the word "smoker".

"Sorry," Saint Peter said, "but anti-smokers run Heaven these days and only non-smokers are allowed in Heaven."

The smoking man sighed and considered for a moment. "Well, Saint Peter, perhaps that’s for the best, because if I have to spend eternity with anti-smokers running the show, I’d just as soon go to Hell."

Two very large men in white suddenly came out of nowhere and grabbed the smoking man by each arm.

"Hey! Take it easy!" The smoking man protested ,"You don’t have to be so rough! I said that I would rather go to Hell!!"

At this point, St. Peter took out a golden key and unlocked the gates to Heaven. The two men in white started to push the smoking man toward the pearly gates.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" The smoking man cried "Anti-smokers run Heaven! I’ve made my choice! I’d rather go to Hell!"

St.Peter threw open the pearly gates and turned to the smoking man. "The anti-smokers decided that Hell was a bad idea and we didn’t need it anymore," St. Peter said. "Hell is closed."



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