Just a few days ago we published a piece about Wikipedia being controlled by antitobacco to disseminate biased and fallacious information on smoking. We got immediate confirmation from Germany.
Amongst other points, in our previous article we said: "There is only one possible conclusion: an antismoking operative is in control of the tobacco issue – probably planted there by some pharmaceutical-funded antismoking gang. If you cruise Wikipedia for the tobacco issue (active smoking, passive smoking, scientists involved on both sides), in fact, you see the following, consistent pattern, which is textbook-typical of antismoking propaganda…" and we went on describing their totally predictable procedure, so typical of the Tobacco Control shysters.

Here is the letter we just received from Germany (emphasis added):

"We, a group of people being part of Forces Germany, can confirm the exact same behavior regarding the German Wikipedia entries. For some time, the topic on ETS was even locked to prevent us from entering and updating the site. We know some of the antis who seem to be in control, because we find them on other blogs and forums as well.

We have finally given up to participate in Wikipedia.

Regards, Ben P. "

Now we know that not only the English version of Wikipedia is controlled but probably all the other language versions too. This further confirms that Wikipedia collaborates internationally with the fraudsters of the World Health Organization to disseminate the false culture that smoking and tobacco kill in any form.

If this is happening for smoking and global warming, as we already said, how many other issues have been hijacked? How much has Wikipedia become an instrument of propaganda and indoctrination of false information? This seems to be the sad fate of an ever-growing number of information outlets, that become servants of special interests and instruments of false ideology, designed to build cultures around false information.

It’s clearer than ever: do not trust Wikipedia. We have no idea on how to correct the hijacking. We are open to suggestions from the public. After publishing our first piece we looked a bit closer. Simply by entering the string "wikipedia false information" in the search engines, we have been overwhelmed by hundreds of denunciations on false information freely entered every day, on many issues. Try this or similar word strings for yourself. Here are samples from the first pages returned to us by Google:

Wikipedia hoaxster found, but a solution for Wikipedia is still lacking

I have a friend who posts false information on Wikipedia everyday. Why nobody finds out?

Patricia Cornwell using Wikipedia & Answers.com as centre to deceive media and to plant false information…

Is Wikipedia becoming a hub for propaganda?

Wikipedia is unreliable

The list goes on for 86 pages on the most disparate issues. Wikipedia may have been created with the best intentions, but it is turning out to be a tool that can be easily used to disseminate fraud and biased information. That is why the antismoking crooks have hijacked it — and just love it.



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