The worst characteristics of the "baby boom" generation are embodied in Hillary Clinton. Self-righteous moral preening? You betcha. Rigid adherence to the dictates of "experts?" In spades.

It is, therefore, not news that Senator Clinton loves smoking bans and would be happy to preside over a nation that is "smoke-free" from coast to coast. Because she is running for president, however, she is careful to imply that she would defer to local governments rather than attempting to impose a national smoking ban. If elected she would of course do everything within her considerable power to move the entire country towards prohibition, just as her husband did when he, through an executive order, forbade smoking in all federal buildings.

She lavished praise on New York’s draconian smoking ban repeating anti-tobacco’s mantra that the smoking ban ushered in hordes of nonsmokers into formerly smoky venues. Yep, that’s our Hil, a quick study, able to spout anti-tobacco’s talking points while ignoring the bankruptcies of businesses no longer allowed to set their own smoking policies.

No surprises here but people should, and undoubtedly will, reflect as the presidential campaign heats up that this hectoring woman, along with being an exemplar of Baby Boomer intolerance, is also known as one of the biggest liars to strut across the national stage. If Hillary says smoking bans are good for business the actual experience of the business people themselves must be very dire indeed.



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