Fred Thompson is a presidential Republican candidate. His staffers and advisers “have worked on behalf of Philip Morris, one of the world’s leading tobacco conglomerates and a leading force in promoting cigarette smoking.” Oh, my God, can you believe that?…

How disgusting! His advisers worked for a company that promotes SMOKING — how repulsive! We all know that smoking KILLS to the point that not one death has ever been scientifically demonstrated to be caused by it! What more proof do we need? And what’s this evil doing amongst us?…
But there is more on the record of this ugly individual. Imagine that PM’s involvement “was peanuts compared to the fees Thompson got from just one lobbying client 23 years later, after another Tennessee friend, Bill Frist, was elected Senate Majority Leader. Equitas, a British firm seeking to minimize the cost of damages to Lloyds of London under pending legislation governing asbestos liability (asbestos is a known cause of respiratory diseases and of mesothelioma, a lethal lung cancer) in 2004 hired Thompson as part of a massive, $7.88 million lobbying drive.” Gosh, limiting the milking of an industry that did not know that asbestos could cause lung cancer when it used it? Absolutely immoral.

We have no doubt – we never have any: Philip Morris nearly 30 years ago and asbestos industry anti-shakedown activities: this guy is real scum, let’s get rid of him. Long live the future Third Fascist Way, where the ugly industries will be one with (and controlled by) the State. We all know that the state is the ultimate repository of all wisdom and knowledge, full as it is of “public health experts” who will finally liberate all of us from all choice (and responsibility!), and give us eternal, healthy life in exchange for our unconditional obedience.

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