An offspring of the secondhand smoke scam, the global warming hoax, unlike its single issue progenitor, is a hydra whose multiple heads chomp down a plethora of personal behaviors the social engineers hate.

Global Warming Hydra seeks more freedoms to devour

Secondhand tobacco smoke as an agent of death and disease was created by anti-tobacco activists to further the agenda of eliminating smokers. Once wisps of tobacco smoke were designated more dangerous than any substance on earth tobacco control’s business of eliminating tobacco products moved forward. Private property was appropriated by public health, which decreed that no smoking could occur in any place where people gather. Smokers could then be demonized as callous murderers for killing innocent bystanders with the noxious fumes of their smoldering cigarettes. Without the secondhand smoke scam smoking would still be considered private rather than the public nuisance it now is regarded to be.

Man-made global warming, while as fraudulent as is the concept of "deadly" secondhand smoke, takes fraud to a new level by providing the excuse to crack down on multiple types of human behavior rather than just the one behavior, smoking. The social engineers hate private vehicles so driving one’s own car must be curtailed since driving contributes to global warming. Comfortably heating or cooling homes requires energy, which contributes to global warming, so discomfort must be imposed to save the planet. Electricity frees mankind from the dawn to dusk existence of our forefathers but light bulbs contribute to global warming so must be eliminated or radically altered.

Keen observers will note that the preceding activities, as well as many other conditions common in the modern age, have been hated by a large segment of the elite for many years prior to the creation of the global warming hoax. The void in the haters’ justification to limit lifestyle choices they deplore was filled by the global warming hoax. In order to save the planet from death, they now can scream, mankind must embrace the past when humanity’s "carbon footprint" was negligible. The past when the majority worked the fields or served the elite from dawn till dusk, stayed in one place their entire lives and died from exhaustion at an early age. The list of human behaviors hated by the governing class that can be curtailed or eliminated through the use of the global warming hoax is unlimited.

The United Nations has decided the time is ripe to end humanity’s omnivorous ways. Eating less meat, say the mandarins at the UN, will curb global warming. Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and, in the words of the reporter for the Guardian, the world’s leading authority on global warming exhorts all earthlings to have one meat-free day a week immediately, to be followed by further meat consumption reduction down the road. Such a personal and "effective" sacrifice will tackle climate change.

The article enumerates the damage to the climate caused by the carnivorous diet and not surprisingly the activities that are required for meat production have been deplored by militant vegetarians far longer than the global warming hoax has existed. What was needed to coerce a change in behavior that the elitists have long sought was the manufacture of a pseudo-scientific prod to bludgeon the masses. Thanks to the secondhand smoke scam, which begot the global warming hoax, the anti-meat crowd tries hard to get its way.



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