Yes, it is true: the famous Dutch coffee shops will be liberty-free starting July 2008, when the Netherlands complies with the WHO dictatorship and proceeds as if the passive smoke were a real danger for non smokers.

"Coffee shops will be treated in the same manner as other catering businesses. They will be smoke-free," Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende told NOS television. "It would have been wrong to move towards a smoke-free catering industry and then make an exception for coffee shops. People would not have understood that. … Employees should not have to work in an environment were they are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of smoking. Establishments will not in fact have to be completely smoke-free. Proprietors will be allowed to set up a separate room or glass partition behind which people can smoke, but customers will not be served there to protect staff.”

Of course there are no “harmful effects of smoking”, but in these times, unfortunately, that point will have to be driven home with force — not with reason — because we are in the realm of beliefs and not in that of science. In the meantime, many Dutch smokers will probably feel relieved that they still can smoke while being put into public display and humiliation – a part of the social “denormalization” process and a prelude to total prohibition — but just the few that matter can see that far and work to uproot the antismoking fraud instead of dancing around its branches. Join us and you will be amongst them.

While it is childish to take pleasure in the misfortunes of others, we cannot help but grin at the marijuana supporters who, quite often, adamantly advocate tobacco smoking bans in one of the oh-so typical contradictions of the hippy-turned-health-conscious generation. According to many of those bozos, in fact, pot smoking is “therapeutic” and even “cancer fighting” while tobacco smoke “kills”. As there are several pot smokers in antitobacco and in “public health” institutions, the marijuana supporters often rush to kiss the ass of fraudulent “public health” and damn tobacco smoking with the hope to be “spared”. We have to say that in the most severe cases of political retardation that works – in places like Canada, where there are marijuana smoking rooms in universities, where smoking tobacco is severely forbidden! This paroxysm, however, does not work in NL, where pot smokers get a dose of antitobacco medicine.

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