The angst, the passion, the righteous anger of great nations in the killing grip of prohibition are simply and powerfully displayed in a video contributed by John H. Baker of Great Britain. The emotions of Irish and British citizens, epitomized here in a tribute to resistance leaders, echo those of liberty lovers across the globe.

Mister Baker also drives yet another nail in the coffin of the Great Antismoking Fraud. Along with their atrocious epidemiological pseudo-science, the antitobacco fraudsters promised no economic hardship from smoking bans, indeed, their prohibition would boost the hospitality trade!

Certain common American philosophies come to mind here. P.T. Barnum was probably right in suggesting there’s a sucker born every minute (many become politicians). W.C. Fields however noted that you can’t cheat an honest man, and one such, the politician Abe Lincoln, more expansively told us you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

The Americans have been suckers for hysteria, and prohibitions, far too often, but not all of the time. The time for smartening up, for worldwide revolution, and emancipation from Healthist slavery, has arrived. We never were all suckers. Now we take revenge.

The particular heroes honoured in this video are risking themselves to make a point for their nations and for the world. They don’t tell anyone “what to do” but lead by example. They are an inspiration for all of us to do the same. Honour and applaud them but don’t stop there. Cheerleading is warm and pleasant. Massive defiance is proud and effective.

The fight against prohibition and institutional fraud, against an oligarchic elite class that thinks that its opinion is “science” and “justice” – a class that now has executive power — demands much more than mere protest. It demands action. It demands personal risk. It demands relentless conflict against an institutional enemy that cannot be dealt with otherwise. "Public Health" wants you to fear its power. "Public Health" has no more power than you give it through obedience. Defy the bastards and destroy them.

Sheep guarantee the fox a good meal. Sheep are suckers. Hunters and hounds are not. The bugle has been blared, the hunt is on, so get with it. The fights for liberty, rights, equality, and truth — the fights for decency and respect — have never been downhill battles. They have always been hard-fought, always through fierce determination, to obtain or preserve a way of life, and the freedom to choose to implement that way of life.

Freedom to choose is the only thing that matters — more than health, let alone a sick misconstruction of "health," more than money, more than safety — freedom is dignity, without which, life is humiliation and disgrace. We are not fools, we are not sheep, we are not suckers. We are going to take back what is ours. Your contribution counts. Honour the heroes by following them into the war.

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