Homeowners in Britain must make green "improvements" in their homes, or face penalties. Draconian government plans to transform England into the world’s first “green economy" mean government intrudes even more deeply into the citizens’ already over-regulated lives.
Are you "green" enough yet? For our English readers with home remodeling in your near future will find home improvement an expensive and complicated process and you can bet the cost will not be absorbed by the government.
Just because I want the world to know, I am already remodeling. The world should know I am installing a wood burning stove, I already have four sliding glass doors and am adding four more. When completed, our home will have a total of twelve sliding glass doors. As a backup heat source we use a propane burning stove.
I am "going green", but in such a manner as to be completely "off the grid". Some city dweller is going to have to pay my share of the "over-usage" taxes on utilities in the future.



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