The owner of a French water pipe lounge, shut down upon inception of the smoking ban, is suing the government for reparation on the basis that its healthist legislation ended his livelihood.

We wish this man, one among an uncountable number of healthist victims worldwide, the best of luck in making the government face up to its responsibility in causing his financial ruin. We suggest he hire a very good lawyer. Of course the “health” authorities have never cared about the devastation they cause. Their only interest is their power to control, based on concoctions of virtual deaths, thus the very real and immediate bankruptcies and cascading social miseries they cause, mean nothing to them. They adore senseless statistics, and worship themselves, while viewing reason, and those who practice it, with absolute contempt. As long as we live in a warped reality where professional cons armed with computers can fabricate “epidemics” and impose tyrannical laws, social and economic devastation will remain the order of the day. The longer this vicious dictatorship is allowed to continue the worse it shall become. Shall we permit criminals to rule our countries from the chairs of the ministries of “health” while good people go to jail for smoking, drinking, or being fat? Or is it high time to reverse those roles?



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