How can you protect yourself against hatred and discrimination? To begin with learn of your rights under the law.

It’s a bit hard to believe in these times, but in the United States, there are many states that protect smokers against discrimination. This is one of the few things that the tobacco industry did in the past to protect its customers – lobbying for smokers’ protection laws – before it bent over completely in 1998.

Needless to say, that is one of the reasons why antismoking activists and “public health” so hate the industry, because it has shielded its customers from some of the consequences of public health’s rotten ideology and hatred.

The issue, of course, is not limited to smoking. Trash science and epidemiological attributions without any scientific foundation are the bases for the financial speculation that health insurance companies, in the US, make on those that “public health” and its junk science say cost more to society.

Many employers, in turn, do not stand up against those speculations, but persecute, refuse to hire, or even fire, and otherwise discriminate against the target groups. This is exactly what the health bastards want: to bend the will of their targets with any means possible, including depriving them of their livelihood.

There is a simple way to ameliorate the problem and — given our Libertarian backgrounds that opposes interferences of the state in the lives of citizens — we don’t say this lightly: just make it illegal to discriminate or penalize an employee based on his/her lifestyle. Make it illegal from coast to coast, just as it is for sex, religion and race. The practical scope of protection exceeds those three factors now.

Gays, for instance, receive governmental respect and protections today. The statistical risks of gay lifestyle are never raised. This would be politically incorrect. We do not see gay employees being penalized with extra insurance payments, refused employment, or fired for being gay, because attitudes, laws, and regulations are being fashioned to protect them from these and other manifestations of scapegoat victimization and plain hatred in the workplace and in society at large.

This article is recommended reading for all the targets of “public health” — that is, easily the majority of citizens, nowadays. If you are American you should read it to defend yourself. If you are not American you should read it anyway, as it is interesting to see that the so-called “costs” are very much questionable, and that the real reasons behind discrimination are always the same: base hatred and sick ideology.



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