Here is a nice example of how the fraud on passive smoke is carried out while projecting the impression that there is scientific proof that passive smoke is harmful. ‘Nonsmoking bar and restaurant workers had detectable levels of a known carcinogen in their bodies after working just one shift in a smoke-filled environment, Reuters reported June 29.’

The article continues by describing how the carcinogen NNK, is… carcinogenic. Why is it carcinogenic? Because a higher percentage of mice (exposed to quantities that are proportionally hundreds or thousands of times higher than what an active smoker can take in) developed cancer next to the mice that were not exposed.
We have no doubt that the NNK measurements on non smokers are accurate. This is not a questionnaire-driven epidemiological piece of junk science. Where is the fraud, then? The fraud is in the way the measurement study is presented. Read the quote again: “had detectable levels of a known carcinogen in their bodies”. STOP and think: DETECTABLE. Remember that with modern technology you can easily detect single molecules. But do you read anywhere that the quantity of NNK was sufficient to cause cancer or any disease? Absolutely not.
Here is another one: “As a group, four out of five of the nonsmokers who worked in a smoking environment had some detectable level of this deadly chemical in their body, and as a group, for every hour that they worked, that level increased by 6 percent.” Six percent of WHAT base number? That is something that the head “researcher” does not specify, nor is the interviewer courageous or competent enough to ask such an embarrassing question. Embarrassing questions to health "authorities" MUST be avoided, as it seems to be more sinful than asking impertinent questions to God. All that the study proves is that there is exposure, not CAUSALITY or even sufficient quantity whatsoever. And to establish that there is exposure no one needs a study, all it takes is a nose. In short, the crooks just say that since a stolen wallet (NNK) has been found in the same building where you live (the body), that demonstrates that you (the passive smoke) are a THIEF!
Capitalizing on the fraudulent concept that only the absence of a substance can guarantee health (the opposite is often true), these con artists let your emotions INFER the causality – and then they rush to confirm your emotions with another (routine) fraudulent statement: “Secondhand smoke causes about 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 46,000 heart disease deaths in adult nonsmokers in the United States each year, according to the American Lung Association.” Let’s be real: secondhand smoke causes NOTHING – for they still have to scientifically demonstrate the causality of one active smoke death, let alone passive smoke.



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