From a reader we are happy to present a brutally frank assessment of the current situation smokers find themselves in and his formula for ending the persecution:

As a keen observer for many years of the modern phenomena of smoking bans I have come to some pretty solid conclusions that I think anyone would be hard-pressed to argue against:

We are getting steamrolled at an ever accelerating pace with no end in sight.

We’ll never even come close to matching the antis funding. Without the funding we’ll never be able to buy our way into the mainstream media. Even if we could, it would take years certainly, and probably decades, to even partially undo the damage already done and we may never be able to undo all of it.

We know they’re lying. They (the antis-in-charge) know they’re lying. The public as a whole does not know they are lying. Even a fairly high percentage of smokers (I would conservatively venture into the 50% range) buy into the SHS propaganda. Th is makes our task formidable at best. Considering the incredible extent of the damage already done, the best case scenario we can realistically strive for is taking back the hospitality venues (food, beverage, gambling, etc.). Sadly, there are a lot of rights we may never regain.

One thing I know absolutely, positively for certain though. We are never going to regain anything through any legislative or judicial proceeding. The politicians and judges are bought and paid for. The system, as it were, has been hijacked by the antis and their deep-pocketed pharmaceutical allies.

Show me how much persecution you are willing to take and I’ll show you how much persecution will be heaped upon you. So how much are you….or I, willing to take?

This war will not be won in a courtroom or by a referendum. It won’t be won in any city council chamber or even in the halls of Congress. We know the science is on our side and we know the Constitution (if used in the spirit it was created and intended) is in our favor. We also know our persecutors have and will continue to say and do anything, no matter how ludicrous or despicable, to force their will upon us even though the behavior they choose to persecute and ultimately profit from harms nobody other than possibly the citizen exhibiting the behavior. And if history is any guide they will continue to get away with it. Not only get away with it but actually receive high praise from the mainstream media and politicians of all stripes.

No…..we are not going to win this war by working within the "system". No tyranny has ever been defeated by following the rules that the tyrants themselves wrote. Call it civil disobedience, anarchy, revolt or whatever you want but that is the only avenue left that will lead us out of the quagmire. I’m not talking about smoke-easies or sneaking a puff in the restroom at the bar. I’m talking about total, blatant, in-your-face revolt.

The antis love to tout the success of their beloved bans in terms of compliance. We turn that compliance percentage upside down, create an enforcement nightmare and we WILL win the war. No funding needed… lawyers needed….no voting needed. Balls ARE needed. We’re gonna have to take our rights back by whatever means necessary. After all, isn’t that how the antis play the game?

If we don’t start treating this war as the war that it is we might as well just brand ouselves with the Star of Tobacco and slink off to the concentration camps right now.

Show me how much persecution you are willing to take and I’ll show you how much persecution will be heaped upon you.



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