Our second Round Table with Michael Siegel, this time focussing on the unfair treatment of smokers instigated by Tobacco Control, and also on Tobacco Control’s absolute intolerance of dissent.
This time the conversation is focussed on two issues. First, the unfair and discriminatory treatment against smokers, instigated by Tobacco Control (TC), by employers, and by society in general. The childish and pseudo-moralistic posture against what essentially amounts to an odour deprives both society and employers of perhaps the best minds and skilled labour available.

Can we say stupid?

The second issue concerns the monolithic nature of TC. As it was with past regimes under which dissent was severely punished because the ruling elite wanted to show that the ideology was so “right” that absolutely everyone agreed, today’s TC does not tolerate the slightest differences of opinion within itself, and “casts out” people like Siegel who have dared expressing any criticism.

Can we say stupid?

Please click the link below to listen to Gian Turci’s interview with Doctor Siegel.



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