We present a radio broadcast featuring an ostensible opponent to smoking bans.

Following delayed introduction, John McGraw, a representative of the hospitality industry, ostensibly argues against a comprehensive smoking ban in Monongalia County, West Virginia. He does so by stating that smokers risk the health of all around them and makes the especial point that pregnant women should stay away from smokers, and says furthermore, that the Monongalia prohibition should be extended beyond its current proposed form to make criminal any adult who smokes in a car with children present. He also notes that smokers are somewhat unlike germs in a bathroom, in that germs from filth are a "hidden risk," while smokers are sickening filth that everyone can see. Mister McGraw also stammers about property rights. A doctor with experience in the game calls in to say that antismoking advocates should accept some smoking ban exemptions, if necessary politically to push things through, but then should renege on all promises and any inch of compromise just as quickly as they can manage it. Other points are discussed. McGraw stammers intellectually throughout. This tape records for posterity a sterling and titanic display of clueless ineptitude on the part of an anti-prohibition advocate.

Please click the link below to listen to this tragi-comedy.



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