As old people continue to die in Canada because of the smoking ban in nursing homes — tragic victims of a criminal law based on epidemiological fraud — a wisp of humanity seems to have come through the callous Alberta antismoking Reich. Check the odor of it.

‘The province has quietly made changes to the Tobacco Reduction Act to allow elderly and sick people to continue to smoke in some lodges and assisted living accommodation. Health and Wellness Minister Dave Hancock has received approval by order in council to permit designated smoking rooms within "lodge accommodation" as defined in the Alberta Housing Act.

Spokesman John Tuckwell tells 630 CHED News, this applies only to existing facilities and for a compassionate reason… "This is recognizing very specific circumstances where the hardship would be great … it’s one thing to ask a 40-year-old to step outside and smoke a cigarette … it’s another to ask an 85-year-old."

Tuckwell says this is not a sign of government waffling on the smoking ban.’

That’s all. It’s all here. This is the extent of the coverage. You don’t even have to click on the link below other than for verification or for article storage retrieval. When a new piece of epidemiological antismoking trash gets cranked out, likely in the next three or four days, it will be all over the news. This change, though, was "quietly" made, and just as quietly reported by the media acolytes of the New Order.

The atrocious results of smoking bans on the elderly, also downplayed by the press, nevertheless present threats to the Health Reich in terms of public indignation, and civil suits. The Gestapo knows that. The quiet modification of the Tobacco Reduction Act is their way of sweeping this threat under the rug, not really even a wisp of humanity, but rather a dismissal of the concern, to the end of perpetuating their sadistic reign over all of us.

Do not miss that the "compassionate" display is limited — "this applies only to existing facilities" — so while it may be "another thing" to freeze some elders to death at some residences it will be the same old thing at others, and clearly, the limited exception shall be subject to revocation, at another quiet moment, soon to come, that the Gestapo finds ripe.

It’s a hedge, and a dodge, and bereft of compassion: note there is no condolence to the bereft families, let alone any hint of remorse. The Gestapo is as ever smug and haughtily poised, narcissistically confident of its ultimate position, and arrogant in its proclamation. Spokesman Tuckwell assures us this is not a sign of backing down in the war on smokers, but we knew that already, as we’ve explained here already. We know history, we know the species, we know our fascist enemy very well indeed. So we can tell you what the real message is here:

"Make no mistake, people, we are not backing off. Our ideology is firm. We are, and we are going to remain, a bunch of bastards who have conned the population by knowingly lying to the people on the ‘dangers’ of passive and active smoking. We will continue to oppress smokers by dealing them hatred, discrimination, and false information. We will continue to use rotten physicians and get them to say that passive smoking kills.

We will continue to further the interests of the pharmaceutical giants that patronise us. We will continue to paint professional fraudsters with glaring heroic colours, and will go on rewarding them, because we are like them. We will continue to name streets and parks after the sociopaths and the fanatics who have lied to the people about their diseases to get attention they never deserved.

We will denormalize smoking and freedom, teach your children lies to make them Healthists, and we shall become ever more powerful and hateful in our zeal to create a squalid, smoker-free society. Don’t misunderstand a cynical gesture of bogus humanity as the real thing. We are real bastards. We are real liars. We con you with pride.

We are ‘Public Health’ ”.

Yes, we know them, and that is why we are determined to smoke right in the faces of these fascists, and willfully determined to take them down, and send them to Hell. Hell may be eternal but no Hell on Earth, no matter how viciously constituted, has ever lasted longer than the masses have allowed. A day of reckoning is coming for these bastards.



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