Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hitler and Göbbels may now grin proudly in Hell as "public health" pushes ever more anti-smoking, anti-fat, anti-human oppression.

Ghetto Jews, their jobs and wealth taken away by the state, were depicted in Nazi propaganda in sickened condition and dressed in filthy rags, as rat-like creatures, vectors of disease, things to be excluded, hated, and eradicated.

The Anti code-word for oppression and vilification is "de-normalization," which encompasses humiliation, instilling fear and hate, and in every possible way making life a nightmare for any who do not abide everywhere, at all times, and without exception to the omniscient diktats of our modern eugenicists.

Reductions in pay or, preferably, denial of employment to eugenic heretics are "enlightened" policies now being prescribed and implemented.

Anti knows that man must eat. She compels what men must eat, and what not to eat, or drink, or smoke (pot’s wonderful), or think: don’t even think about a doughnut or cigarette today: or you shall be denied your livelihood.

Eat as Anti says or else starve. Live as Anti says or else die. Anti is Hell and belongs with her progenitors in Hell. Until we tear her limb from limb we shall live in a Hell on Earth.

The article we link with, as reprinted at the site of Reichsführer Doktor Mengele (or rather, same difference, Doctor Mercola), naturally receives the sadistic physician’s ecstatic commendation for demanding that economic ruin be wrought upon all non-believers. There is a surprising element however.

Read beyond the article (excerpted from the Business Shrink online journal) and Mengele’s (whatever) jabbering endorsements.

Given the Health Reich orientation of this website the prevailingly and harshly denunciatory reader comments which have bandied back and forth for about a month are indeed surprising.

Most of these outraged comments come seemingly from non-smokers. These folks have not roasted in Hell as long as have their smoking neighbors.

The non-smokers find the temperature alarming as it approaches their own backsides. They should have noticed its effect on tobacco enthusiasts long ago, and reacted then, but it is never too late to dismember fascism: so let’s all get to it.



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