Signs and cartoons from around the world to make us smile and think of our reality.

We are pleased to present a cartoon from Italian humourist/cartoonist Davide Sacco, who sent us his take of the recent awarding of the Nobel Prize to Al Gore as a reward for conning the planet on the causes of global warming.

If people like Gore can get Nobel Prize awards, nowadays, why not George Bush?… Perhaps because, in spite of the many things he can be criticized for he has not, to the best of our knowledge, tried to pull any con job on health, safety and environment.

George, you better start doing something like that – or you’ll never get a prize, and time is running short for you! Don’t you want to leave your mark as a carrier of "progress"?…

The next two pictures belong to Germany.

The first one shows a sign that states: "Smoking is forbidden. In case of fire, the smoking prohibition does not apply". No doubt in our mind that the person who hung this sign was a less-than-savvy antismoker.

Who else could be so gullible – and go to such an idiotic extent?

The second picture is about the new, shifted priorities of the German police in some areas of the country.

Not that such humour is going to change anything, of course, for smoking bans exist regardless of factual reality.



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