“Landlords at up to 200 pubs are planning a ‘day of defiance’ when the legislation comes into force next month, allowing customers to light up on July 1. The number involved is expected to grow and some publicans have vowed to continue to break the law beyond July 1 if customers want them to." Tabloid sensationalism or real action?

The debate on “which is what” is going on. Surprisingly, certain “Smokers’ Rights Groups” in England not only do not believe it, but also don’t seem to want to be part of the rebellion! The reason? “We are engaged in a battle of ideas, not a campaign of civil disobedience”. How noble – and how convenient. Let us quantify those “ideas” beyond plush words on one hand and rabid antismoking rhetoric on the other:

Heavy-duty campaigns by the British NHS to demonize smokers, smoking and to falsely represent the effects of passive smoking on nonsmokers so that there is hostility and social violence against those who use a legal product.
Massive financial damage to publicans and other businesses, as is happening in all the other countries that have embraced the antitobacco pharmaceutical “ideology”.
Heavy enforcement and fines enforced even through plain clothes policemen and CCTV cameras – a practice beloved by the Orwellian British government – to spy on citizens and spot the “perpetrator” – that is, the criminal who lights up a cigarette.
Refusal of surgical operations unless the smoker bends to the political will of "public health" and quits smoking a month prior to the operation – to be verified with blood analysis – but no reduction of the fiscal contribution of the smoker to the NHS in proportion to the reduced service. Once again, smokers finance non smokers’ regime through extortion and forced behaviour.

Yet, there are still those "on our side" who disassociate themselves from civil disobedience and from a positive approach against antitobacco. And what is the alternative course of action taken so far by them? Try this: “smoking is bad, but…” [we want a bathroom to hide in]. “Passive smoke ‘bothers’ non smokers, but…” [we want a bathroom to hide in].

A law and a form of implementation that has been taken – literally – straight out of the Nazi state is defined as “bad taste” by these “SRGs” that lost their testicles exactly at the same time that the tobacco industry did. Certainly the industry does not want its customers to stand up for their rights to use a legal product, but it does want them to just keep buying and consuming that product … where? The industry is to behave “responsibly” – that is, cooperate with the rotten-to-the-bone “health” authorities to keep making money. Is it then scepticism that we read, or is it shrewd and cunning crowd control of a powerful mass of consumers? Could it be that this peculiar kind of political correctness and ostentatious "moderation" is precisely to the end of preventing the rebellion of the oppressed by pretending to side with them while undermining any and all politically effective initiatives even before they are undertaken, so that smokers “get used” to the quit-smoking indoctrination? One wonders.

No one can accept the “denormalization” of his own smoking personality as normal – now or ever. No one can “get used” to an institutional fraud such as a total smoking ban is. No one can “get used” to surrendering his freedom just because rotten institutions knowingly misrepresent dangers that are not there by the standards of science book – standards that anyone can consult.

Disobedience is in order – and more, much more – to fight this despicable state of affairs. God save England from antitobacco – and let’s hope that what is reported by The Telegraph is true, and actually understated. And, if it is overstated, that only means that more work is needed to get there – to destroy the antismoking pharmaceutical cartel and its political pawns. With friends like the SRGs, who needs enemies? (more on civil disobedience here)



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