Inside the August 27 print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle was an idyllic photograph of a boater placidly gliding through the sparkling waters of Aquatic Park in Berkeley California. What was noteworthy about this photograph was not that someone was managing to enjoy himself in Stalingrad-by-the-Pacific but that the paper exploited a soothing image solely to hype the global warming hoax. The caption beneath the picture was a text book example of big media indoctrinating the masses through the perversion of the language.

"In withering weather, the water is better; A rower takes to the water in Berkeley Aquatic Park on a sunny Tuesday. The heat is expected to scorch places much more today."

The paper helpfully refers the reader to the weather report for details on the withering and scorching temperatures that signal the end of the world as we know it. Berkeley’s "withering" high temperature on the day the rower risked sunstroke in Aquatic Park was 74 degrees (23-C). The "scorching" high forecast for Berkeley August 27, the "today" in the above caption, was 80 degrees (27°C).

An examination of the weather report one day later reveals that the scorching high in Berkeley was in fact 79 degrees (26°C). Undaunted by a high that can hardly be considered scorching or even withering the paper forcasts a high of 87 degrees (30.5°C) for the subsequent day. If 80 is scorching what adjective best describes 87? Broiling? Searing? Hellish?

Either withering and scorching no longer mean what they traditionally have meant or the news racket is spewing a bit of phony hysteria to bolster the myth that human beings are altering the climate on planet earth. Summer in particular is prime time for the global warming hysterics. Hot, the natural state of affairs during this season is now unhealthy, even deadly. Hot is also inadequate to express the horrors our profligate ways have produced. When the mid 70’s are "withering" and 80 is "scorching" an agenda is at work.

Anti-tobacco pioneered the perversion of the language. Habit became addiction. Fingers became nicotine-stained. Private property became public places. Underage smoking became a pediatric disease. The confidence racketeers have learned well how to transform up into down and evil into good. Scorching summer days become "evidence" that government intervention is desperately needed to prevent the earth from bursting into flames.



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