Arrogant blackmail is the way and the belief of “public health” advocates nowadays, who con the citizens out of their payments to medicare, tarting up the thef as "just" and "moral".

We are all familiar with the ever-growing trend of blackmailing patients into cessation “therapies”, a word that implies those who smoke are sick because smoking is a disease in the eyes of fanatical puritans. Smoking, of course, is not a disease at all, but a choice. But choice itself is a disease in the eyes of "public health" when that choice does not square with their institutional beliefs. It is high time to use the same approach, and help the public health Nazis to recover from fanaticism and their addiction to fraud through the appropriate "crash" therapies such as those often reserved to bullies.

Back to the issue, the justification for the blackmail is that the smoking patient does not recover as quickly because of his smoking.

This is absolutely false, and not even in one instance can it be demonstrated with any science whatsoever that the smoking patient compromises his recovery by smoking.

In fact, if your doctor tells you something like that – or, even worse, tries to blackmail you into quitting – two things must be done: 1) Fire the doctor immediately; 2) Sue the doctor or the hospital for any direct or indirect damage stemming from the refusal to offer the medicare service that you paid for through your taxes.

Fanatics and professional con artists seldom listen to reason, but they always listen to force, which is the language that they speak. “Public health advocates” are no exception. Actually, they are the rule.

Incidentally, even assuming by a wild stretch of the imagination that smoking would slow down recovery, nowhere in any medicare social contract is indicated that the results of a therapy or operation must be guaranteed. While it is true that doctors cannot offer such guarantee, it is also true that the patient is not under any legal obligation to strive to reach the optimal, theoretical conditions for his recovery. That may come with common sense but by no means is it the letter of the law; so, any refusal to perform medical care is a violation of the social contract, and violators can be sued.

Read the details of this sordid story at the FORCES Germany English language blog at the link below.



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