The banning mentality is wearing thin. No smoking, no eating, no pets, no this, no that.

There comes a point where more than enough is more than enough.

At this point when the Nanny state says "no" it does indeed mean "yes" to those of us with pride.

There are lots of us.

An alert reader from the ban-crazy town of San Francisco provided the image at left.

Folks from all over are fed up to busting with a petty oligarchy that just says "no" to life.

Our friend Phil Williams says "I Want to Be Break Free" in a musical montage video.

Our friend Exile is staging a "Silent Protest" (stored version).

Words, music, and images tell the true story of a world waking up to the sour fruits of Nannies run amok.

The need here isn’t for another "No Running" sign.

It’s time to trip Nanny up and leave her flat.



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