As diverse nations diligently line up for Gestapo policies, based on the passive smoking fraud promoted by the WHO trash, defiance and disobedience continue to grow amongst the citizenry.

The article linked with reports that the smoking ban in Turkey is going to have a very hard time. We hope and believe this will be the case. Good citizens of good sense are asserting themselves all over.

Like all dictators, health “authorities” are not especially interested in convincing the public of the bases for policy, or effecting genuine respect for ideological legislation. Many amongst the masses are idiotically deferential and easily conned. Many others are acquiescent cowards. The rest are amenable only to justice and reason. The fools and the cowards enforce their own oppression, and for the rest, the dictators simply rely on the jackboot.

The children of Hitler have contempt for all their victims but relish brutally enforced obedience most of all. Arrogance craves display. Its delusion of omnipotence is its greatest weakness. It cannot survive organized resistance. Good citizens are waking up and talking to each other. The only real power is that of the masses.

The word is spreading. The world is organizing. Obedience must be denied. “Just say no” to institutional fraud and fascism. We are doing it, more and more in many nations, and we shall not stop. It is easy. We are telling the fascists: we will not obey the smoking bans, we will smoke right in your face — just because you forbid it — we will smoke in groups right where everybody can see us — because you want us to hide. We will not feel guilty because your perverse ideology wants us to feel guilty. We shall destroy the new fascism, and in that, we take great pride.

We will not obey the ban because we know that it is based on fraudulent pseudo-science, and we know that it has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with control. We will never obey because important political statements must be made. Even if all the garbage said about smoking was true: health is NOT a negation of society, health is NOT a negation of economy, health is NOT a negation of liberty. Moreover, Healthism is NOT a substitute for truth, the empowerment of falsehood is perverted, we are taking back what is ours and we shall crush you.

It is really that simple. Fanatic Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan and his ideological companions can take their smoking ban and put it where the sun don’t shine. Massive resistance in Turkey is predicted at the outset. There, as is happening elsewhere, it must take root and grow unceasingly. The people get it. A law that does not respect the rights of ALL deserves the respect of none.

The time has come to inject liberty into democracy once again, whatever it takes, and if it takes indulgence in cigarettes, so much the more delicious this shall be.



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