An interesting article on lung cancer research from Parade magazine. A rationally based and potentially promising therapy for lung cancer victims developed by researchers at the University of Kentucky several years ago is stalled dead. Limitless money has been provided by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies on statistical pseudo-science and vicious character assassination of smokers. This therapy project that might actually help sick people is flat broke. Of course that doesn’t surprise much. Anti-smoking long ago became a fanatical movement. It has as much to do with health and caring as did Doctor Mengele. Recall that virtually safe cigarettes could have been marketed thirty years ago. The abolitionist wing of the Public Health establishment put the kibosh on that too. The Health Nazis don’t want to save you from getting ill. They don’t want to save you if you do get ill. They want you to obey them. If you don’t they want you to die. This era is sick, sick, sick.

Parade Article [stored]

Background on the Research [stored]



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