We are glad to present a moving video on our Orwellian present. This video is about Britain – but make no mistake, it concerns the world.

It concerns your country, no matter where you live.

It concerns a Soviet-style state based on total control, lead by busybodies and petty minds – run with an iron fist, based on fear and intimidation, and justified by never-ending scientific fraud.

And make no mistake, again: a new major party will not change that situation, for all major parties have bought the doctrine of healthism and control. The change is to come from the bottom up, from your awareness that only a new ideological wave based on libertarianism can create the base of the New Freedom; only disobedience can change the tyrant’s law; only force can dethrone the tyrant, and only contempt against those who look at you with contempt can make the difference. If you sit and obey they will not stop – ever. Rather, they will take your silence for obedience, and your compliance as a tacit acknowledgement of your approval.

You are not guilty, you are not wrong, you are not defective, and you are not sick. And no, you are not in denial. They are – when they put up yet another street camera, when they make yet another antismoking law, when they tell you what to eat and drink, when they come into your office, home, and school and when they want to matriculate you as if you were a piece of machinery – and they call that "freedom" and "social progress". They are the sick ones; sick from within with a deadly and contagious disease for which there is no cure. Many of them are already terminal. And who are "they"? The authoritarians, the fascists, the healthists, the social and culture engineers, the central planners, the collectivists.

Now, you are not like them, we all know that. Actually, you don’t want to be like them. We can even adimire that; but, certainly, you are forced to behave like them – or you will be punished, more severely with every passing day, for you may not be a criminal today, but they’ll make you a criminal tomorrow — bet your freedom on that. All they have to do is make a new law.

So, it all boils down to the usual, old and trite question, doesn’t it? As the situation will not get better by itself, WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?



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