Once again, the moment smokers act instead of whining and stop telling each other how bad it is they get what they want.

This is certainly the case in this Norwegian town, where it has been decided that total smoking prohibition is contrary to human rights, as “the right to smoke was part of the right to a private life”. Excellent, the way it should be – are you listening, United States? But not even that is enough. The right to smoke is part of the right to public life too, as it has been for centuries. Smoking does not harm anyone except – perhaps and not demonstrably – those who smoke. The lack of acceptance of smoking by some should not represent a problem for the smoker, only for the intolerant. We better put this through our heads first: that the non-smoker/antismoker does not have superior rights whatsoever, and that we cannot be responsible for his emotional problems. So it is time to recapture our rights with whatever it takes – in short, to get back the “level playing field” we are entitled to in the name of that political correctness that has created the silly sound bite. How’s that for going back to a straight line?

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