The site looks like the usual “housewife home made” Internet page and, in itself, is probably inconsequential. But the content of this humdrum site is a serious symptom of a devastating social problem that seems unstoppable.

In the past, we covered repeatedly one of the many BS “diseases” known as MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which is as scientifically demonstrated as the “dangers” of passive smoking are: with fantasies, hysteria and false information.

In this case it has to do with scents: perfumes kill. Why do they kill? Because they are made with “toxic chemicals”, and they are “as romantic as hazardous waste.”

Guess what you are going to read next? Something that you should be very familiar with: “More than 4,000 chemicals are used in fragrances.” The healthist baboons seem to have a fascination with the number 4,000: 4,000 chemicals in active smoking, 4,000 in passive smoking, 4,000 in perfumes… “No agency regulates the fragrance industry, yet perfume chemicals are as damaging to health as tobacco smoke.” Of course! Tobacco smoke causes everything! Regulate! That is the good news, however: since not even one death has ever been scientifically demonstrated to be caused by active or passive tobacco smoke, it seems like perfumes are a pretty damn safe thing to wear.

The above brings us to some considerations worthy of attention. The 4,000 chemicals BS exists because its promoters either play on the growing ignorance of the masses, or they are ignorant themselves. The 4,000 chemicals are present in most substances because they simply need to be there, and have always been there. But the paranoid, the dishonest, the shrill and the ignorant exploits that to his advantage, and lets you believe that the chemicals are “toxic” or “harmful” to manipulate your emotions, and control your behaviour. Just don’t believe them, and read on.

Aside from the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, we have 4,000 chemicals in a large variety of products, like Toxic Nation explains (more trash about that here); needless to say, the monkeys of the Canadian Government rush to “protect” people from normality by establishing bureaucratic bodies to categorize the “substances”, and waste a great deal of public money in the process. Of course, private entrepreneurs ride the wave of the collective paranoia stemming from medieval-style ignorance, and offer you products to remove the “toxic chemicals” from the air where they linger, waiting to kill you.

Take this one, for example, that speak volumes on the exploitation of mass-ignorance and fear: “The Airpura V600 traps specific airborne chemicals … Modern interiors release harmful chemicals. Formaldehyde from furniture, carpets Ammonias from cleaning materials. Pesticides tracked in from outdoors, Benezene (sic!), toulene (sic!) from heating fuels, paints and glues … Work areas are often contaminated by chemicals released by manufacturing processes and office equipment. The resulting symptoms which may include headaches, drowsiness, rhinitis, other respiratory problems and the possible onset of cancers”. Cancer, mamma mia, God protect us from evil progress! Just buy our product and you will be safe.

Last but not least, “About 4,000 Toxic Chemicals Are Found in the Air We Breathe – We still know very little about them”. The fact that we know very little, of course, can only mean that death is certainly waiting for us behind some molecule! Danger, danger! Here follows a description of the terrible effects of those “chemicals”, complete with supposedly high-impact picture of a crowd that wears a mask in the streets… but a closer examination of the picture reveals a healthy crowd of Japanese who, traditionally, wear a cloth mask when they have a cold! Probably the monkey who wrote this article on Softpedia does not know that, as he most likely does not know that Sing-Sing in not in China and Alcatraz is not in Spain. The names of the 4,000 chemicals are so difficult to pronounce, though. They get you tongue-twisted, so the "chemicals" are not “natural” thus they must be dangerous. If you enter the string “4,000 chemicals” in any search engine, you will be inundated by thousands and thousands of returns — all alarmist and shrill. That is a manifestation of an incredible mass-hysteria and paranoia stemming mainly from utter popular ignorance. Needless to say, cigarettes are prominent. Is that the result of the general school reforms of 30-40 years ago? You betcha; that was a horrible, fatal mistake — and these are the results!

There is nothing wrong about the “4,000 chemicals”. Yes, of course, if administered in immense quantities to mice – quantities that bear no resemblance whatsoever to real exposure – SOME of the cancer-prone lab mice may develop cancer for about 43 out of the 4,000 chemicals.

So what? What have we proven? Nothing, really. But, for the "zero" mentality that stems from fear which in turn stems from ignorance, if a substance administered in immense, disproportionate and unrealistic quantities may cause some cancer in some mice, then any quantity (no matter how small) of that substance WILL cause cancer in humans, thus is to be labelled as carcinogen and subsequently demonized, thus either forbidden outright or regulated to extinction.

We have proven only one thing: we have become a generation of sissies, paranoid, ignorant spoiled brats who are afraid of their own shade, with seemingly atrophied brains that can no longer control primordial emotions or analyse information. All of that stimulated and exploited by scruple-less health authorities and politicians as a distraction from the fatal crisis (created mainly by over-regulation and over-structure on health, safety and environment) that will destroy society everywhere unless we snap out of this collective drunkenness.

We can only offer a suggestion: smoke that cigarette, wear that perfume, and inhale the 4,000 chemicals that have been here since the first caveman lit the first fire (4,000 chemicals in there too!). Do that while you can because, short of a revolution, the mass ignorance and the false information by shrill organizations are about to drive us all into tyranny and into collective bankruptcy as they regulate intellect, information and industries to extinction. Just read the daily news if you don’t believe us. Those 4,000 chemicals have spelled the Industrial Revolution, the end of slavery, the defeat of (real) mass diseases, the conquest of the Moon and about 30 years more life span next to 100 years ago. Unfortunately, now they also spell the production of an ignorant, hysterical and inept generation and its medieval witch hunt mentality, that wants to bring us back to the smoke-free Middle Ages.

The horrible thing is that it may be successful.



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