Democratic presidential contender Bill Richardson discusses his accomplishments as Governor of New Mexico and what he would do if elected President.

He pointed out all of his "Good Nanny" legislation in New Mexico as Governor. He is such a "Good Nanny" he thinks he should be President of the United States!!

“During the course of his opening remarks, Richardson pointed to increases in stem cell research, removal of junk foods from schools, requiring physical education for students, providing children with healthy breakfasts and implementing comprehensive smoking bans as a few of his successes in New Mexico. Following his public appearance, Richardson stated that, as president, he would continue steps he began in New Mexico to increase access to the human papillomavirus vaccine.”
"It should be a war that is not just more research funds, but a war that involves presidential leadership — a war that says let’s end the bureaucracy," he said. "We need to have a cancer czar or a cabinet-level leader that will lead that fight. That’s the bully pulpit of the president."

This Presidential contender’s staff is not serving him well it would seem. They have apparently blindly accepted the propaganda that “only 25%” of the public smokes, so there is no danger from voters if you talk about or promote the Healthist Agenda.

As serious as this “race” is, one would think someone would ask the source of this information.

The formula for this “percentage of smokers” was to: count every man, woman and child; assume one pack a day; ask the state tax department how many packs were sold and do the math. Whaa-laa – only 25% (roughly, it does vary by about 3% regionally) smoke cigarettes!

Well, first of all, a 25% voting block is a serious threat to anyone running for office, less than that has determined more than one critical election.

But what happens to that 25% if you remove all of the MINORS who do not smoke, and all of the Seniors who normally would have quit at about age 65?

Suddenly you have well OVER 50% OF THE POPULATION THAT VOTES being attacked by their own government… And that does not take into consideration those who use cigars, pipes, chew or snuff.



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