A great video that is really worth watching on the great global warming swindle.

Imagine all the people… free from this and other scams. Free to drive SUVs, smoke, drink, eat, lead their lives as they see fit, raising their children how they see fit, in the world they see fit.

Imagine a world without carbon tax, with health authorities minding clean toilets and infectious disease as they should. Imagine more honest politicians who do not fear monger the people. Imagine man who does not hate himself to the point of nihilism.

“You may say that we are dreamers, but we are not the only ones. … We hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be more fun.”

It would be indeed. The plague of junk science, used to justify healthism and nihilism, is destroying the world and throwing us back into the Dark Ages.

Speaking about real science for a change, this link leads to an article talking about “cold” sun without sun spots (stored copy). If this continues, it may means the beginning of another little ice age.

What will the global warming scammers do then? Simple: they will do what public health does each time one of their epidemiological frauds is debunked and denounced. They will either ignore it or attribute the phenomenon to another “cause” – read: yet another lie, sending the debunkers in never-ending wild goose chases.

Today’s “authorities” are not working to accommodate and serve people, but to “educate” them on their own ideology.; Therefore they will not listen to any truth or proof, in the same way that they don’t even listen to 31,000 scientists who reject the global warming agenda, mentioned in the video and stored here. For more on the petition, click here. That is because the “authorities” today only listen to the evidence that corroborates their already made decisions – evidence that they themselves often fabricate through institutions that they control and influence.

The solution therefore is not dismantling their lies, but dismantling the institutions, movements and ideologies that produce those lies. Then freedom and prosperity will return.

Enjoy the video.



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