A highly skilled immigrant to New Zealand shed pounds after initially being denied entry due to obesity. His weight problems, however, are not over.

A British article linked with below provides further detail on a story we’ve encountered before. Telecom of New Zealand needed a specialist to supervise the Southern Cross Cable, which links the country with Australia and the west coast of the United States. When no one was found in New Zealand the firm recruited Richie Tresize, a citizen of the United Kingdom. All was going swimmingly until he stepped on the scales and was fingered as a fatso, a health liability for his adoptive country.

A crash diet brought his Body Mass Index down to an acceptable level but Tresize is still vexed by the closed-door policy on round folks: his wife, also judged obese by New Zealand, remains a persona non grata. Mrs. Tresize has been unable to shed enough pounds to assure New Zealand that she will not be a drain on the health system. It is irrelevant to the bureaucrats that the Tresizes will have private health insurance through his employer.

New Zealand is suffering a critical shortage of skilled workers. Businesses there are recruiting intensively in the UK, the fattest country in Europe. When the needs of the productive collide with the ideologies of the social engineers, always bet on the social engineers getting their way. This will change when we the people make it change.



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