We are pleased to present another copyright-free movie to our readers. This is a film of real value, on the subject of human values, and a world that is no more.

We are not talking about King Arthur or the chivalry of millennia past. The year is 1950. The place is the USA. The values are universal and timeless, but by far too many, in too many places and in so short a time, they have been lost for us today.

What do we know and what have we forgotten? The film tells us deceitful behaviour hurts others. Those who deceive and harm shall in time be harshly punished. Compassion, tolerance and understanding eventually prevail in a world which, although imperfect, tends to them. In the end comes redemption – yet another forgotten concept.

All such ideals are foreign to the zero-tolerance, zero-exposure ideologues who seek to “de-normalize” their neighbours, while enthroning themselves on a pile of hateful lies. These soulless tyrants define redemption as a nicotine inhaler.

Cigarettes never did, never could, taste as good as they do today. Please enjoy the show. You’ll find a great storyline, great production – and, especially, a great message. Grab plenty of smokes, lots of fattening munchies, and a large flagon of your favorite grog. Lounge comfortably, watch closely and … get inspired: the world can be like that again.

Part 1 || Part 2

Base plot – No-nonsense San Francisco industrial whiz Walter Williams’s two-timing wife and her lover plot to do her husband in, but Williams survives the attack and the lover is burned beyond recognition while driving Williams’s car. Half-dazed, Williams stumbles into a moving van that takes him to idyllic Larkspur, Idaho, where newspaper stories of his "death" jog his memory. While recuperating and plotting his eventual return and revenge, Williams falls in love with Marsha, an auto mechanic. But when Williams finally gets back to San Francisco, he’s tried for the lover’s murder.



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