We are in times of collective dementia. Yes, that is a heavy comment, and perhaps reality is excessively harsh for many to accept, so denial is the “natural” reaction. It is also a comfortable excuse for submitting and doing nothing; but reality stands nevertheless.

Everything is a danger, a threat, a fear and an impending disaster; millions die on computers in this sick virtual reality world, although not even one can be demonstrated to have died for the cause attributed – and, of course, "something" is to be done to “prevent” it all. Combating these "threats" requires, of course, repression, propaganda and regulation ad absurdum. Tragically, predictably and always, the real “cure” is far more damaging than the perceived threat.

We are in a situation quite similar to the collective paranoia of the 1950’s about nuclear war, when bomb shelters were built in the US – shelters that would have saved no one as they could not possibly work and, if they did, they would have turned life into an agony of painful death.

This time the paranoia is world-wide, and spread on literally thousands of issues – from smoking to alcohol to food to global warming; cars, industries, use of bottled water, "dangerous" information, garbage, light bulbs… are all impending disasters that can only be prevented through prohibition – and millions of fools fall for all of that with the predictability of fish swimming into the net.

Light bulbs are, in fact, the subject of this video which highlights the absurdity surrounding the “energy saving” units. Rep. Ted Poe (Texas) says it all. Incandescent light bulbs will be banned (hasn’t "ban" become a household word already?…) by 2014, and replaced with the “energy saving” ones that are difficult (“absurd” would be a better word) to dispose, many times more expensive to buy (they will never pay for themselves through the energy they save), made in China (that is why all manufacturers support the prohibition in the name of the global warming junk science: they make more money!), and their light is colder than steel, and as sterile as the times they shed light on.

In short, these contraptions will cost far more than they presumably save. The free market has already rejected them for all the reasons above. But the will of the people is, as we all know by now, utterly irrelevant to the self-appointed pedagogues bureaucrats, who want to save the word from us and us from ourselves – so the new bulbs will be mandatory, and Edison’s invention will be made illegal.

The people never gave a mandate to the bureaucrats through referendums to forbid light bulbs, smoking, drinking or eating tasty foods. Protecting the citizens from themselves has never been written in any constitution. Making public policies on the basis of trash science is not enshrined in any governing document. Surrendering national sovereignty to the United Nations or the European Union was never put to the vote of the people (and in the rare cases when it was, the answer was a resounding “no”, as in the recent case of Ireland). All those seemingly disparate issues have in common is the utter contempt for democracy, self-determination and freedom. Each prohibitive act required the "creative interpretation" of the will of the people into a popular mandate without the bureaucrats and politicians ever asking the people. All those mandates simply are not there, and they are as virtual as the death from active and passive smoking: nonexistent.

Yet, this aberration is occurring everywhere and more and more frequently, amongst the indifference of the people who never elected the rule-giving bureaucrats while voting for the politicians who ran deceptive campaigns. What is going on? That is a question which is asked more and more, while obeying yet another smoking ban, complying with yet another obligation, paying one more stiff tax, listening to more propaganda and… replacing our warm-lighted incandescent light bulbs with wasteful and mandatory “energy savers” that we would have never bought in the first place. Disobedience and outright rebellion against those laws is not even a consideration in the mind of the most in spite of their mumbling and fumbling. Time to listen, once again, to the Pink Floyd’s song “Comfortably Numb”. In the meantime, enjoy exactly the government that you deserve.

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