When’s the best time to fight back against a smoking ban? There’s never a better time than when the ban first comes into effect.

But to fight effectively, it takes a real commitment to civil disobedience, and a deep understanding that the issue is not local, it is a political issue and not a genuine health issue, and that those bent on enforcing these bans will NOT stick to a “soft” approach, but will enforce them with fear and oppression. As England’s smoking ban takes effect, the reaction of the English public will prove to be a particularly important and influential one, as Gian Turci explains in this commentary for Freedom to Choose, which is fighting prohibition in the UK.
Effectively fighting this ban “means being prepared for group protest actions in large numbers – peacefully invading City Hall and lighting up, for example, then waiting for the police to come to drag people away like sacks of potatoes. Remember the 1960s? Actions, in other words, undertaken in such a way that the mass media can neither ignore nor underplay them. And, finally, be prepared to sustain your actions indefinitely and in spite of all the efforts to break you.”



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