British Judge James Michael Burton has ruled that Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth must be identified as one-sided political advocacy if shown in public schools.

In nature, as in life, the one constant is change. The Earth was once a flaming orb. Since it cooled enough to permit life its temperature has fluctuated, hour by hour, day by day, season to season, year to year, century by century, millennium to millennium, aeon to aeon. The very recent news is that we’ve been benefitting enormously from a general relative warming trend since the beginning of the nineteenth century. An interspersed moderate cooling took place in the mid-twentieth century but the general warming trend has reasserted itself.

The people who tell you they have omniscience regarding the interplay of multitudinous factors which may influence global temperature also cannot tell you what the weather will be like in Schenectady next week. These people are the "consensus scientists" whose every pet bias and pathological fear is, by mutual agreement, absolute scientific proof of itself. They are the modern eugenicists, spreading panic and social division, as their firm idea of progress. Al Gore is one of their poster boys.

A firm rebuke to Gore’s paranoid proselytizing from a British bench has generated worldwide headlines in the same week that, in recognition of his mental illness, the former Vice President was placed in the running for a Nobel Prize. As we noted just the other day on this page, Al Gore has lots of paranoid and gleefully hateful friends, and lots of money too. Which will win here? Appeals to sanity or to hysteria? We dread the latter and must work for the former. Our congratulations to Judge James Michael Burton.



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