The University of Delaware provides a chilling glimpse into America’s future if people continue to embrace apathy and myopia.

Mike S. Adams, a writer who regularly lances the politically correct boil of today’s academia, is appalled at the overt oppression and social engineering running rampant at the residence halls operated by the university. While none of the examples he lists have anything to do with smoking it doesn’t require any imagination to know how recalcitrant smokers would be handled by the staff assembled to re-educate the free-thinkers unlucky enough to inhabit the dormitaries.

Sadly, there is nothing new about this, although the blatancy of the University of Delaware’s indoctrination regime is startling. The Marching Mommies who have kicked and screamed their way to no-smoking rules and who are currently trying to institute the elimination of peanuts, "unhealthy" drinks and other verboten pleasures — instituting Nazi-like searches and confiscations from children’s lunch boxes and bookbags — are drunk with power as they roll on unopposed. They know that reason and logic are foreign to their agenda so they resort to hysterical screams, like "Morbidly obese!" and "Tobacco death toll!", over and over.

Remember, Orwell’s Big Brother regime did not want only obedient little sheep. It wanted obedient little sheep who loved their chains. The social engineers can force a kid to learn the Big Health catechism, but you cannot force a child to love the deity of hygiene. All you can do is terrify him or intimidate him into mouthing the words. Let us hope that today’s generation has the backbone to yell back to the controllers that "YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME."



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